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The Cliffs of Moher, 8km from Lisdoonvarna, Co.Clare   

In the Media

YesChef Magazine featuring Roadside Tavern Burren StorehouseYesChef Magazine - "A Trinity of Success"
Issue 15/2017

We are very happy to read in the latest YesChef magazine about all our food related businesses - the Burren Smokehouse, the Roadside Tavern, Kieran's Kitchen, the Burren Brewery and the Burren Storehouse! 

Within a few metres of each other, there are strictly speaking not just three or four, but five food & drink businesses. YesChef magazine is featuring all of the below mentioned enterprises in their latest issue, in a colourful display of photographs (see gallery here).

The first one to take roots in 1865 was the Roadside Tavern. The Roadside was used as a pub, a very busy bakery and a butter market.

Then the other uses fell away, and the building just housed a pub until in 2011, a craft brewery (the Burren Brewery) was set up under its roof.

A few years ago, Kieran O'Halloran established Kieran's Kitchen in the pub, covering the culinary side of the business. He turned the food offering around and has made it a booming success.

Then there is of course the Burren Smokehouse, founded in 1989. And the latest edition to the food quintet is the big and versatile Burren Storehouse right next to the Roadside Tavern. Its airy, cool feel makes it a very popular venue for lunches and dinners, live music performances, weddings and festivals.

See more pictures of the article on the Burren Smokehouse blog.




Lonely Planet discovered Burren Brewery

The Irish Independent broke the news in May 2017 - Lonely Planet singled out three of the best Irish craft breweries in Ireland, and the Burren Brewery in the Roadside Tavern is among them!

They write, "A Clare brewer has said he is “delighted and excited” after being labelled as being one of the world’s best by Lonely Planet." That would be Peter Curtin, of course.

Three Irish Breweries have been highlighted as amongst the best craft beer locations to visit across the world by the travel experts in a new book the world of craft beer, Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour.

The Burren Brewery, the smallest in Ireland, was listed as one of three craft breweries by Lonely Planet. When Peter set up the brewery in 2011, it was the latest of 18 breweries, and "the market has grown massively since then".

Read full article here


Burren Brewery and Kierans Kitchen on Beer Yeti.comPride of Place in article on
John Verling - May 2017

John Verling takes the reader onto a trip along the Wild Atlantic Way to little villages and towns along the west coast of Ireland, and visits micro breweries and craft breweries on the way. 

He paid a visit to our award-winning gastro pub, the Roadisde Tavern, which houses the Burren Brewery and Kierans Kitchen. 

Read the full article here.




Burren BreweryGreat and unusual seal of Approval by John McKenna from
June 2015


"Let's call it the April Bloomfield Imprimatur.
What is it? It's the discipline of a good kitchen to focus intently on the best way of... cutting up a stalk of celery. Or a carrot. Or a piece of lamb.

Kieran's Kitchen, at the iconic Roadside Tavern in Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, operates according to the April Bloomfield Imprimatur.

How so? Well, just look at that bowl of chowder and look, especially, at the pieces of celery in the dish. The celery has been cut sharply on the diagonal, giving the greatest amount of surface area to the cook as he cooks off the vegetables to start the dish.

What's more, the celery is al dente: it is crisp to the tooth, and serves as a counterpoint to the tenderness of the mussels.

The cooking, quite simply, is precise and focused. The deliciousness is in the detail, bit by bit, bite by bite. April Bloomfield, that obsessive, maniacal genius of a chef, would be well impressed by this bowl of chowder.

And that's the sort of thing Kieran, and head chef Viv, do in the kitchen in Kieran's Kitchen: precise and refreshing cooking, served in what is one of the classic bars on the West Coast, one of the classic bars on the Wild Atlantic Way.

You see the same attention to detail in their dish of lamb stew: the pieces of lamb and carrot are perfectly and precisely cut, so they meld beautifully with the potato. My only argument with the dish would be that a handful of barley always makes a lamb stew better, but that's a personal thing. As a dish, it was simple and pure. The same was true of breadcrumbed St Tola goat's cheese, served with their own chutney and fine salad leaves. And the same was true of roasted monkfish with tomatoes, a beautiful piece of fish, served with a funky mango risotto.

This cooking is, in the professional parlance, clean: everything tastes of itself, natural and alive, the flavours liberated by modest but sure cooking technique, and it means the food eats beautifully. And it does so because the team have thought, and thought intently, about the best way to slice a celery stalk, the best way to cut a fillet of monkfish. They know that the deliciousness lurks in the detail." 
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Food & Wine Roadside TavernFood & Wine Magazine
July 2014

In the July 2014 issue of the Food & Wine magazine, a lot of the Clare food businesses, hotels and restaurants are mentioned by Georgina Campbell in her special about the culinary delights that our county has to offer.

She didn't miss the Roadside Tavern and our Burren Brewery beers!

Georgina Campbell, well-known author and owner of the Ireland Guide website, has been writing a series of food reviews by counties, and in this month’s edition of the Food & Wine magazine, it was County Clare’s turn to be sussed out.


Food & Wine Clare Special July 2014It becomes clear very quickly where the bulk of the food producing businesses is situated – i.e. in the north of the county. So it is not really surprising that this is the home of the Burren Food Trail considering that a lot of the  smoked salmon, ice cream and other food producing companies are situated in and around the Burren area of North Clare.

In another paragraph about Lisdoonvarna, Birgitta and Peter Curtin together with John and Martina Sheedy from Sheedy’s Country Hotel and Restaurant as well as Kate and Aidan McGrath from the Wild Honey Inn were mentioned as being instrumental in transforming Lisdoonvarna into a prime destination for food lovers.





The Guardian -
26 October 2013

A great article about microbreweries in Ireland! It starts like this:

"Craft beer in Ireland: 10 pubs and microbreweries to explore

Guinness sales may be down but Ireland's craft beer scene is blossoming. We pick some of the best brewpubs for sampling the new ales."

This is what The Guardian had to say about the Burren Brewery:

Run by the Curtin family since 1893, this boozer is in the heart of the village of Lisdoonvarna, near the Aran islands and the Cliffs of Moher. Its piano may be 113 years old but this isn't a pub stuck in the past. There's a New York graffiti-style mural by artist Jim Ricks and in 2011 an on-site microbrewery started turning out pints of Burren Gold, Burren Red and Burren Black.
• Kincora Road,, Burren Black €3.90


Click here to read the full article


New York Times -
28 August 2000

The following article written by Dan Barry has been published in the New York Times on 28 August 2000. We show here some extracts which refer to the Roadside Tavern. You can read the full article on the New York Times website.